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MOS - Manpower Optimization System
A harmonized skills management system and a one stop online provider of workers information. The core engine of MOS is developed in modular format with highly intelligent and customizable process workflow serving as the interface to ensure such applications could be flexibly engineered to the needs of varios industries.

MOS is supported with highly operationally feasible requirement specification that ensure maximum user friendliness. All data is captured at source, compiled and collated by the system in accordance to requirement of users, and punching out in a summarize format with option to drill down to micro detail. This effectively translates to substancial time and cost savings.

With the MOS system, it helps industry to reduce cost, provides assurance of quality, assist in resource planning, removes non-core activities, upgrade and maintains skills level, provides skill qualificatioin and certification system, provides employment opportunities, upgrades standard of living, enhances images of parties involved, and etc...

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