iMOS Holdings Pte Ltd
About iMOS
Board of Directors

iMOS Holdings Pte Ltd ("iMOS") was incorporated on July 6, 2001 as a Limited Exempt Private Company. iMOS mission is to be an enabler of Industry Manpower Optimization System that provides a comprehensive web-based system to automate, streamline and manage the processing of skilled workers in the various industries. Our philosophy is to improve efficiency and abolishes unproductive practices in the management of skilled workers.

Incorporated with the vision to develop and manage an electronic web-based system that automates, streamlines and manage the information of skilled workers in the process, marine, pharmaceutical, construction and other related industries, iMOS's pricipal objects are:

  1. Develop and operate systems and software as required by the industry to monitor worker's skill trainings and qualifications, mainly the welder module under CWQS;
  2. Develop front and back end software to interface with other systems;
  3. License the use of the system to prospective clients;
  4. Operate and manage the system and provide support to the clients;
  5. Expand the monitoring system into the region.
The above is primarily in support of the SWS's effort in the harmonizing of welding standard with the CWQS.